Principal’s Message

2023 -2024

Dear Families of St. Elizabeth Roman Catholic School,

Welcome to our St. Elizabeth Roman Catholic Elementary School website! On behalf of the staff at St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School, we welcome you to a truly amazing school community.

Our dedicated staff are very caring and committed individuals, and developing the literacy and numeracy skills of our students is the focus of our programs. However, one cannot attain skills in isolation. I believe that we are part of a learning community that must provide a safe and secure environment and foster character attributes, such as respect, kindness and responsibility while improving student achievement.

Our school is thankful for the wonderful support our school parish plays within our school community. Thank you to the wonderful support staff at St. Mary of the Visitation Roman Catholic Church and our Pastor – Father Ed Henhoeffer.

Please subscribe to our school website so that you can receive current updates and information items. We encourage parents to keep in touch by talking to your child about what they are learning and also by being involved in the school and keeping up-to-date with school happenings.

Yours in Christ,

Janet Foote