Yearbook Cancelled

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel this year’s yearbook, and everyone has been refunded.


Schools to Remain Closed

Dear parents,

The Premier and Minister of Education announced today that schools will remain closed for the rest of this school year. Teacher-led distance learning is to continue, and report cards will be issued. The link to this news is available here:

We are working on a way to celebrate our Grade 8 classes completing their years of elementary school, and will be contacting parents once we have finalized how we are going to do this safely. Please be assured that we have not forgotten them!

Stay safe!

A Message for all parents and students – St Gabriel, St. Elizabeth’s, Our Lady of Fatima from Fr. Love

To all the parents and students of our Catholic Schools in St. Mary’s of the Visitation Parish, I hope everyone is keeping well and are safe. This is an unrepresented time we are going through. We have all needed to adapt in this Pandemic in ways a few months ago we could not imagine.  Catholic education has adapted too under the circumstance. Teaching is now on line, students learn from home, and parents are confronted with another layer of technology. Everyone from principals, teachers, parents and students are doing their best under the present circumstances.

I was personally very impressed at how fast the schools adapted to the Covid – 19  Pandemic. With very limited  time our Catholic schools managed to take a system that was designed on the principle of communal teaching and within a very short time set it up for every student to learn by way of computers in their own home. Teachers adapted, and students adapted to a new reality.  I have heard from parents that this change is also a challenge for them as well.

We all look forward to our Catholic schools reopening in the future. St. Mary’s Church  will work with the schools to do what we can for the parents and students. We were fortunate that our Confirmations were moved from April to January of this year and that our students in grade 7 received the fullness of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation. Unfortunately his pandemic has disrupted Holy Communion Services across the diocese. I appreciate the concern that all of the parents have regarding the loss is most sacred occasion.

I want to acknowledge the work of our principals,teachers in our Catholic schools for their dedication and work. Please be reassured that St. Mary’s Parish will work with the principals, and teachers in our catholic schools address your children’s spiritual needs. I want to thank our principals , teachers for their continuing dedication in this challenging times. My God bless each one of you.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Robert Love

Welcome to Catholic Education Week!

Dear families,

Today is the beginning of Catholic Education week, and the theme for the week this year is Igniting Hope. Hope is particularly important to us this year, as we navigate our way through all of the special measures that have been put in place to combat Covid 19. Each day has a sub-theme:

Day 1- Our Hope in Christ

Day 2 – The Hope Within Us

Day 3 – The Hope Among Us

Day 4 – Hope for the World

Day 5 – A Future Full of Hope

Teachers will be doing special activities with their classes during this important week, which celebrates the gift of Catholic education.

Here is the link to a message from Bishop Crosby:

Please also view this message from the WCDSB trustees:

On Friday at 11 am there will be a special Catholic Education Week Mass, celebrated by Bishop Crosby. We hope that you and your families will be able to join online.

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