St. Elizabeth Spirit Wear


Exciting news everyone – our St. Elizabeth Spirit wear and Grad wear is back on sale!! We aim to have a St. Elizabeth spirit wear day once a month so grab your eagle wear now.  There are 2 new novelty wear items at the bottom of the flyer, so check it out!   Please see the St. Elizabeth Spirit wear handout to set up your account and the St. Elizabeth 20 – 21 form shows you the apparel you can


For our Grade 8’s, check out the GRAD 21 handout for your Grad wear items to purchase.

This store closes on October 13th.


GRAD 21 HANDOUT – St. ElizabethSt.

St. Elizabeth spirit wear handout

St. Elizabeth 20-21 Form

Tomorrow is Orange Shirt Day!

Tomorrow is Orange Shirt Day – Every Child Matters


Orange shirt day recognizes the legacy of the Residential school system for First Nations, Metis and Inuit families and communities. By wearing an orange shirt, we show support and understanding of the history of the school system that continues to impact many First Nations, Metis and Inuit people today. It is an opportunity to bring awareness about the history of residential schools and to stand up against other injustices that may impact children.

Nutrition for Learning

Nutrition for Learning

Each week we will receive a shipment from Nutrition for Learning of individually packaged non-perishable items for each student.


Each student will receive a paper bag that will contain snacks (cheerios, granola bar, crackers, apple sauce with a plastic spoon for example) to last for the week. Students are not obligated to eat the snacks; it is invitational. If there are families who do not wish for their child(ren) to participate in the Nutrition for Learning program that is being offered at the school, please let the main office and your child’s classroom teacher know. These individual student packages are not to take the place of snacks brought from home.


We thank the team at Nutrition for Learning who are providing this opportunity to our school.

Eagle Updates

Public Health Update

As promised, when Public Health updates their guidance, we will let you know. We have been advised that healthy siblings are no longer required to be sent home to Self-Isolate but are being asked to Self-Monitor.n the school setting, we have designed our environment to allow students and staff to safely self-monitor by providing adequate physical distance, hand hygiene routines and the wearing of masks. Children experiencing symptoms where there is not a known alternative diagnosis (seasonal allergies, etc.) will still be asked to stay home and go through the options outlined previously:

  1. See a healthcare professional and return 24hrs after symptoms resolve.
  2. Get a COVID-19 test with negative results and return 24hrs after symptoms resolve.
  3. Self-Isolate for 14 Days.

Healthy individuals in your household do not need to be tested unless directed to by Waterloo Region Public Health or your health care provider.


Use of Equipment on the Yard

We are gradually phasing in the use of equipment on the yard, started with the Intermediate students and basketballs, They may now sign up for a time slot where they may play at a net using their own basketball. There is to be no sharing of basketballs or any other equipment.

Last Opportunity to Change to or from St. Isidore Online Learning

This opportunity closes at 6pm this evening and the next opportunity is not until November. Please use this link:

Lunch Time

Please note that students are not permitted to leave the school at lunch time except to go to their own home for lunch, with written parental permission.

St. Elizabeth Terry Fox School Run

September 2020


St. Elizabeth Terry Fox School Run


On October 8th our school will be proudly participating in the Terry Fox School Run. Over 9,000 schools across Canada are taking part in the Run this year and that means that over 3 million students will be fundraising for cancer research in Terry’s name. This is one of our most favourite events of the year – we get to celebrate the life of Terry Fox, his Marathon of Hope and show our incredible school spirit as we come together to help others.


We all know that Terry Fox is one of our greatest Canadian heroes but sometimes we forget how hard his struggle was and why we continue to do the Terry Fox Run every year. Our event this year is an opportunity to take action, show leadership and set examples of compassion and kindness towards others. Students will be staying on school grounds and each class will have an opportunity to participate remaining in their Class Cohort.


Unfortunately, we all probably know someone with cancer, whether it’s a family member or friend, we’re all touched by cancer in some way and now it’s up to us to help them. St. Elizabeth has been a proud supporter of the Terry Fox School Run for 11 years, and we have raised an incredible $46 388.35 for cancer research! Let’s add to our amazing total and continue to carry on Terry’s legacy. Gather family donations, or have your parents make an online contribution though the St. Elizabeth school page at


Let’s go Eagles!!!


Thank you for your support on behalf of the staff at St. Elizabeth School.


The St. Elizabeth Staff

Opportunity for Switching Learning Environments

Please note that from September 24 at 9:00 until September 28 at 6 pm parents will have the opportunity to switch their children to St. Isidore virtual learning or back into their home school. The change would take effect from October 13, immediately following Thanksgiving Day.

No switches will be permitted after the deadline on September 28 until the next window of opportunity in November.

The link below to St. Isidore gives details on the dates for changes.


Catholic Schools Advisory Council – URGENT


We welcome our parent community’s involvement in school life at St. Elizabeth and one great way to get involved is to put forward your name to join our Catholic School Advisory Council. All parents are invited to join.

The Catholic School Advisory Council is made up of parent/guardian volunteers who work together with the school principal to make St. Elizabeth School a better place for your children to learn, and it provides a forum for discussing educational issues.

Meetings will be held virtually (i.e. online) using Microsoft Teams on several Monday evenings throughout the year from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Our first meeting will take place virtually on Monday, September 21st.

If you would be interested in becoming a parent representative on our Catholic School Advisory Council for the 2020-2021 school year, please fill out and return the attached nomination form to put your name down to be invited to the first virtual meeting. You can send the form in with your child, or scan it and send it electronically.

These were due today, but we have had a very poor response. If we do not have more parents volunteering, then we can not have a Catholic School Advisory Council. It is very important that you don’t lose this opportunity to have your voice heard. Please send in your form by Monday noon at the latest.

Nomination form 2020-2021

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact me at the school.


Mrs. Jo Goossens

Message for St. Elizabeth Families Attending St. Isodore

St. Elizabeth families who are registered to attend St. Isidore online school are invited to come in any time from this afternoon at 1:30 to collect learning packs and Chromebooks. Please buzz the front office and when you come in wait in the front entrance hall, where a staff member will assist you. Please remember to observe hand-sanitizing and safe-distancing protocols.

St. Isidore School now has its own website:

Details on dates to transfer to or from St. Isidore can be found at

Please note that the next window in which to make a transfer will be between September 24th at 9:00 am and September 28th at 6 pm.


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