Next week is National Waste Reduction Week and the ECO Team is ready!

Fall is a great time of year to purge gently used clothing. In our team’s bid to re-purpose goods we are asking all families to send any gently used clothing during this week. We will donate these items to St. Andrew’s Church for those in need.

Our school has also pledged to reduce food waste. On Friday October 19th, we are holding a school wide litter-less lunch. Here are some tips to ensure lunches are litter-free.


-Pack lunches with healthy foods to minimize the packaging used in processed food

-Only pack as much food as your child will eat

-Use a reusable lunch bag/box and refillable bottle for drinks

-If you choose to use a single-serving container, please make sure it is recyclable

-Put sandwiches, muffins, etc. in reusable containers, instead of plastic bags