The grade 8 students of St. Elizabeth School have been invited to spend a day at St. Benedict Secondary School to experience some Arts and Technology programs. The trip will introduce the students to various courses in a carousel of activities, give the students a chance to familiarize themselves with the high school and meet with some of the Arts and Technology teachers. The trip will take place on Wednesday Nov. 27, 2019. There is no fee associated with the trip.


The students will be leaving St. Elizabeth by bus at 9:15am and returning to the school at about 1:45pm. The students will leave backpacks at St. Elizabeth for the morning but, will take their lunches to St. Benedict. Please ensure your child eats breakfast and has something to drink before they leave for school as there is no time built into the schedule for a snack. The students are required to bring a lunch which they will eat at St. Benedict. They will not be able to purchase their lunches. Please complete the excursion form and the transportation form on school cash to indicate you are aware of this activity and wish your child to attend.



Veronica Deignan

Grade 7/8 Teacher

St. Elizabeth