“Our Catholic Schools: heart of the community – success for each, a place for all.”

The purpose of the Catholic School Advisory Council is, through the active participation of parents, to improve student achievement and enhance the accountability of the education system to parents. In addition, St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School Council was created to seek an important educational perspective from parents, guardians, students, and school staff members in order to strengthen the bond between home and school.

The St. Elizabeth Elementary Catholic School Advisory Council is a group of volunteer parents, guardians, and school staff members who work together to enhance the students’ learning environment. We believe this can be achieved if the group focuses on:

  • Encouraging and facilitating the involvement of parents in their children’s education by respecting the values and priorities of the entire school community.
  • Enhancing the lines of communication between parents/ guardians, school staff, and students in our school community.
  • Assisting in the building of a visible Catholic community and working together in the interest of Catholic education.
  • Providing a forum for discussion about issues that affect our school.
  • Having meaningful input into decisions that will have an impact on our children and school.

Catholic School Advisory Council meetings provide a forum for discussing educational issues, a way to give information to parents and guardians, as well as seek feedback from them about programs and events that are happening in the school. They also provide an opportunity to meet other parents who have many of the same interests and concerns related to the school. Furthermore, Catholic School Advisory Council organizes special events at school and asks parents to get involved in their children’s school life by assisting with the organization and running of these events.

Meetings are usually held in the school learning commons on various Mondays throughout the year. During the pandemic all meetings are being held virtually.

Catholic School Advisory Council Members 2020 -2021

Tabi Baiye (Co-Chair)

Jennifer Smit (Co-Chair)

Kim Zilinski (Secretary)

Linda Millar (Treasurer)

Nicole Nedelko

Angela Naval

Melissa Laird

Tara Patterson

Sheri Urquhart

Denise Todoroff

Maria Turco

Kim Kummer

Marta Jurys

Sigrid Collas

Tawn Robinson (Staff)

Jo Goossens (Principal)